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A Chance Meeting (2022) Episode 16 English Subbed

A Chance Meeting (2022)

Tan Jing is a single mother whose son has natural heart disease. In order to save up for her son's surgery, she leads a thrifty life. However, she has no complaints and lives life positively, raising her son Sun Ping to be obedient and sensible.

Nie Yu Sheng is a heart surgeon who is working on funding a surgery project that helps children with heart disease. He picks Sun Ping as his first patient. During the treatment, he finds out that Sun Ping's mother is Yan Jing, his lover seven years ago. He is attracted by Tan Jing's calm and determined aura, and Sun Ping's adorableness and sensibility. Time allows both of of them to mature. Eventually, Sun Ping's recovers from his illness and Tan Jing develops her own career; while Nie Yu Sheng's project is also successfully established. Tan Jing and Nie Yu Sheng finally achieve happiness together.

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