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Square Pegs (2002) Episode 20 English Subbed

Square Pegs (2002) Choi Fung (Jessica Hsuan) was a determined and smart young girl. One day she meets Ah Wong (Roger Kwok), known as the "simple-minded" grown man due to a mental brain damage; he causes her a lot of trouble when he starts calling her his wife after she saves him once. Even so, whenever kids picked on him, she would help him out. Choi Fung's step-mother Lau Seung Seung (Rebecca Chan) only cares for her birth daughter Choi Dip (Leila Tong) and refuses to let Choi Dip marry Ah Wong when she realizes he is the one that the two families had an arranged birth marriage for. She and her daughter plot a scheme to make Choi Fung marry Ah Wong instead. Choi Fung thinks that she will be marrying Bao Gai Chung (Raymond Cho), but when wedding day arrived it was already too late. Her mother-in-law Mai Chu Lien (Angelina Lo) likes the daughter-in-law and refuses to let Choi Fung go. Problematic and a few blissful moments in their daily lives are continuous under the new roof, not to mention a dark secret about Ah Wong when someone from his past turns up and causes even more disruptions in their lives: Yeung Pui Kwan (Winnie Yeung).

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